About Us

Welcome to ISEB Sunday School

Sunday School was established in January of 1999 as a year round School to fulfill the need of the community seeking Islamic Education for their children. We started with 17 students and 3 teaching staff members who worked hard in the establishment.

Alhamdilillah we are now in our 15th year and 265 students benefit from Islamic education, Quran with tajweed and Arabic as Quranic language. We offer classes from PreK to Level-7 and have a set curriculum taught by professional teachers, who also teach at various well- known institutions in Bay Area. Our staff has expanded to 45 members who work diligently..

In addition, we provide a volunteer program to our graduates to be TA’s in the class where they refresh what they have learnt and learn how to teach others. Our graduates look forward to being part of our Sunday School staff and contribute their help to their younger friends. In their second year of service they become part of our payroll and learn the responsibility of managing finances.

We also have a school committee of five members who overlooks the operation and needs of the school.
Alongside studies, we offer a family picnic once a year to build bonds between parents and community members and Alhamdulillah, we are successful in achieving our goal.

A Quiz Competition and Hajj Poster Competition are setup annually to challenge our students and many other incentives are given to motivate them.

Our Annual Day program is a huge success--a celebration with outstanding performances from all ages who are proud to show their parents what they have achieved during the year. We honor our proud graduates who look forward to this day to get their Certificates and rewards. This is indeed an achievement for them and an emotional moment for their parents.


Our goal is to reach out to all families and encourage them to join hands with our Sunday School and give their children the gift of Islamic values and the teachings of Quran which is actually a GIFT from Allah SWT, inshaAllah.


Students in a Classroom

Family Picnic

ISEB Annual Quiz

School Chairman's address to Parents and Students